Pain Rellief

Pain often drives the decisions we make each day. Out of a need for relief we will shortchange ourselves of good experiences becasue of the pain we feel. Pain can be overwhelming at times and is a symptom of an unresolved problem. We must find the cause in order to stop the pain. This is where we can help. We’ve helped many people regain their lives by finding and treating the cause of their pain. See their stories below.


Pain in the lower back has become far too common. At Willow Creek Chiropractic we will put you on track to find relief from the pain that has been plaguing you.

Greg T.
I had low back pain, leg pain and numbness down my left leg, off and on for about 2 years. I had tried another chiropractor but he was afraid to adjust me. The medical doctors tried cortisone shots, which didn’t work and then they thought they would try surgery to remove part of the disk. But the pain came right back after 6-8 months. I tried Demaral, Tylenol 3, Percaset anything, but nothing helped. Dr. Thomas had helped my son so I thought I would give him a try. After the 1st visit my pain had decreased 50%. Second visit the pain had decreased 90%. Third visit there was just a twinge left. After the first week all the pain was totally gone. I BELIEVE.

David J.
As a teenager, I was hit in the back with an object just fooling around, but it was enough to create pain, numbness and tingling in my low back and legs. Numerous times I have had low back pain due to strain from lifting improperly. I would throw my back out approximately 3 times a year and it would usually get better in a couple of weeks. I was in pain and decided to see Dr. Thomas. Within a couple of visits the pain decreased and I am happy to that I have been pain free for 3 months. I also feel better overall with a lot more energy thanks to my chiropractic treatments.
As a teenager, I was hit in the back with an object just fooling around, but it was enough to create pain, numbness and tingling in my low back and legs. Numerous times I have had low back pain due to strain from lifting improperly. I would throw my back out approximately 3 times a year and it would usually get better in a couple of weeks. I was in pain and decided to see Dr. Thomas. Within a couple of visits the pain decreased and I am happy to that I have been pain free for 3 months. I also feel better overall with a lot more energy thanks to my chiropractic treatments.


Mid-back pain, like other back pain, is most definitely a difficult type of pain to live with. In most cases, mid-back pain can cascade into other parts of the spine if not dealt with.

33 years ago I was in an accident and at that time I thought I was OK. But 10 years later I had trouble sleeping at night and a lot of numbness and pain in my hands. My husband took me to Dr. Brian Thomas and we learned what was wrong. After a few treatments I got better. I was very happy. I love and believe in chiropractic care. To me it was a miracle.

Mid Back Pain & No Energy by Mid Afternoon. My energy levels have gone off the chart. I’m not tired at 2pm. I go till 10 at night, no back pain at all.


Sometimes we suffer from many different ailments. Oftentimes they are related, sometimes they are not. Chiropractic can bring relief to even the most complex set of symptoms.

Since 1984 I have hurt all over. The pain was strong enough to make me cry at night! Medical doctors gave me Tylenol III for the pain, but it didn’t help.

Finally I was talked into seeing Dr. Thomas by a friend. It took about 10 minutes and I was feeling better. I tell everyone I know to go to a chiropractor. Everyone who knew how bad my pain used to be is a firm believer now. I’m not going to stop coming now that I feel good. I’m going to keep it that way! And I have my sleep back too!

J. W.
15 years ago I was in a bad car accident. My family doctor told me I would need surgery to remove part of my hip and that after several months of therapy I might be able to walk again with a limp or cane. I chose chiropractic instead and fully recovered in 2 months to an active normal lifestyle and was able to participate competitively in several sports.
15 years later I was now told that I had a ruptured disc and was unable to stand or walk without crutches, bending at the waist was impossible and produced severe pain. The pain was down the inside and back of my legs and into my buttocks . I also had pain in my neck and into the shoulders. This all started following the car accident.

A friend of mine who was a nurse ( who’s name I will not say so I don’t get her in trouble) smuggled me some prescription drugs, Percocet, Motrin, and Tylenol III. To help abate the pain, but did nothing for the condition . I was really concerned that I might become addicted to them.

Well meaning friends (some M.D.s and R.N.s) told me that while chiropractic might help someone with a little neck pain, it could do nothing for something as severe as a ruptured disc. All those friends told me that surgery was my only choice. I admit I had some fears about trusting this particular condition to chiropractic after the warnings, but I now thank God that I made the right choice. My sister and her family all received regular treatment from Dr. Thomas for their melodies and recommended him.

Chiropractic worked for me 15 years ago when I was facing a possible chronic disability so my first impression of chiropractic as an answer to my current problem was quite good. The office at Willow Creek is well kept and very professionally staffed by well trained personnel. Their genuine interest in me as a person extended beyond that of just a paying patient. Dr. Thomas’ level of professionalism exceeded my expectations. He even met me in the parking lot only first appointment just 30 minutes after the accident and helped me into his office. At the hospital, patients wait “patiently” for hours in a waiting room before they see the doctor. His education and experience were quickly recognizable in the results in the first two weeks. But to me, even more important and immediately evident was his deep appreciation and understanding of what God had wrought in the human form. In just two months I recovered fully from the ruptured disc and resumed a normal life with no fusions, scars or drugs.

My recommendation is to go he SOURCE of the problem and get HEALED through chiropractic. Don’t seek the TEMPORARY nerve-deadening drugs or surgery prescribed and administered by the rest of the medical profession. They only can treat symptoms and rarely cure anything at all.

I am living walking proof that chiropractic works and I freely proclaim the advantages to anyone who is sick or in pain from birth to old age. If they have a problem, chiropractic is the best choice, the first choice, and in many cases the only choice.

I feel that the wisdom of the masters has been handed down through the centuries to those few who are sensitive enough to understand the nature of the miracle of human life. Today’s chiropractors are those with whom this wisdom resides, abounds and deepens. The future health of the human race will grow to rely on these dedicated professionals as more and more is revealed by scientists and researchers which show increased advantages of chiropractic over other forms of medicine. Please share my story with everyone you know.

I had numbness and tingling in my hands which woke me up at night with pain and numbness. I also had stiffness and loss of strength for 18 months.

Years ago I had surgery (carpal tunnel release) done in my right hand. This reduced some of the pain but the stiffness remained. Cold weather aggravated the condition. The anti-inflammatory drugs were expensive. With my left hand now starting to have the same problem I wanted to do anything to avoid having a surgery in that hand. Many of my friends had confidence in Dr. Thomas so I decided to give him a chance.

My pain in my left hand disappeared after only one treatment, and my regular visits keep it from returning.

CHIROPRACTIC!!! No more surgery, ever!

The pain in my back and leg was so severe for two months that I didn’t want to be on my feet at all. The spasms were intense even in my sleep. A medical doctor had put me on SOMA and ADVIL which did not touch the pain or relieve the spasms.

When I first heard about this office the first thing I felt was HOPE. The first five days of treatment I was seen every day and in five days I was back to work. My advice is TRY IT, IT WORKS. Without it I know I would have had to have surgery.

Imagine pain so excruciating that you suffer 24 hours a day. As a result of an auto accident, my neck, upper back, and left arm hurt so bad that there was no comfortable position to be in. I would just collapse from exhaustion. Laying on the floor beside my bed also couldn’t find any comfort.

After 3-4 days of this, and getting only three hours of sleep at a time, I checked into Alta View Emergency Care for help. After an MRI scan, x-rays, and Physician reviews, all the doctor would say is they could not find anything wrong with me gave me Tylenol III. A very insensitive experience.

Another horrible night ensued. That next day while driving in pain and tears and wondering what to do, I received inspiration to try a chiropractor. In reviewing Sandy practices in the area, I called Dr. Thomas. He was going to leave for lunch, but graciously invited me to come right in. That night was the beginning of the end to sleepless nights and excruciating pain.

Thanks to Dr. Thomas’ chiropractic care, I have improved my general well being. Now my wife, daughter, and granddaughter are also Dr. Thomas’ patients.

I would recommend Dr. Brian Thomas’ chiropractic care to anyone in need of pain relief.

With severe pain, limited mobility, my BACK SPECIALIST and therapy for one year, told me that I would be WHEELCHAIR BOUND.
Sometimes I would pass out from the pain. I couldn’t straighten up and would drag my right hip. Treatments that were prescribed by the medical doctors were; Pool therapy, stretching, heat, massage, cortisone pill therapy, many pain medications, hypnosis. Nothing helped. A lot of wasted time and money.

My neighbors saw me struggling to even walk up three steps to get in my home. She brought me to see Dr. Thomas. I felt anything was worth a try. My first experience was that they were friendly and had compassion. I was not like a number.

At first the relief was short lived, but the visits continued to help until now the pain is completely gone. At 69 years old I had a bleak outlook at life in a wheelchair, constant pain. Now I am free of pain pills and have no pain. You must stick with it though.

My arm muscles and elbow bone hurt all the time for two months prior to seeing a medical doctor and three months under a medical doctors care I couldn’t extend or bend my elbow. I couldn’t lift anything with my right hand. I am a piano instructor and this elbow of mine was in bad shape and I couldn’t teach.

I was prescribed the following:

– A brace was put on my arm for two months 24 hours a day. Nothing changed.
– 50 mg indomethacin three times a day-didn’t work.
– Steroids for 10 days – didn’t work.

Next step was surgery – no thank you!
When I came to Willow Creek Chiropractic I was very impressed! The office staff are very friendly. Dr. Thomas is one of a kind! Very professional and exceptionally warm and caring.

The first adjustment brought 80% improvement. After four visits my blood pressure was normal. I think chiropractic is the greatest and I tell everyone about it.

 - Headaches
 - Sore eyes
 - Painful and Numb Face
 - Pain in arms and hands
 - Pain in shoulders
 - Pain in back and feet
 - Tingling in fingers
 - Eye spasms
 - Couldn’t swallow
 - Carpal Tunnel
 - Chest pain
I have had these problems for the past 15-20 years. And have already had surgery on a hand for carpal tunnel, but the symptoms were returning. On occasions I couldn’t get up and had to take work off because of pain in my arms and chest. I had occasions when I couldn’t straighten arm after carrying something. I was told it was RHEUMATIOD ARTHRITIS. I used heat rubs and heating pads & pain pills, muscle relaxants and physical therapy. They gave me Feldene for muscle spasms, Prozak for my eyes and stress. Then one day a friend informed me that her chiropractor thought he could help me.

All of my symptoms are leaving. I think everyone should try chiropractic help before seeing a medical doctor. They can save a lot of money on drugs that don’t work anyhow. I have told all my co-workers and my friends.

I feel chiropractic can do a great deal and without excess cost for medications. In fact, I have been able to stop taking my Feldene and Prozac, plus save a lot in pain relievers, which I had to take constantly, even to allow me to sleep.


No pain is worth living with, especially sciatic pain. Dr. Thomas has help many people to overcome their sciatic nerve pain and live normal lives.

I had a pinched sciatic nerve that on a scale of 1-10 was a strong 10. The medical doctors had prescribed Prednisone along with other medications to try to help me. I believe each doctor has their place and I had been helped by a chiropractor in the past so I came to Dr. Thomas. I now have been put back in place and am free from any pain. I don’t know how many people I have told about chiropractic but it is a lot. It works!


This is a very difficult type of pain to live with. Neck pain is often associated with an injury, but it can also manifest over time from lifestyle.

I have been having less and less pain the more I come. I think this has been great for my son also. I really appreciate everything. Thanks again!

I had neck pain for three weeks and couldn’t sleep. I had visited the Spine Institute for an MRI and they wanted to do surgery. Then I came to Willow Creek Chiropractic. It was a miracle. My pain literally vanished overnight. The doctors are wonderful and I will be referring all my tennis associates.

I went to a chiropractor for over eight months following a car accident and even though he promised results I didn’t have any. I decided to try chiropractic the first time because of the multiple failures I had with the medical profession. And now, with my first chiropractor not getting results, I was skeptical of trying a different chiropractor. But when I came in and saw Dr.T, I was really impressed with the way he educated me on my condition.

My neck went from being straight to being curved again. I am feeling human again. I couldn’t count how many people I have told about your office. I have even told people standing in line at the grocery line about you. It’s great to be able to get results without medications or surgery.

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