Serious seizures can be problematic for many reasons, but for the health and well-being of a child they must be addressed. Let us help you find solutions.

Unaware of the many benefits, parents do not have their children regularly visit the chiropractor. Many misconceptions, including the one that chiropractic is only for adults with back pain, preclude children from getting major health benefits.


Unfortunately, pain during pregnancy is very common. What’s even more unfortunate is that this pain is usually quickly remedied with chiropractic care.

I had this pain that went from my back, down my leg all throughout my pregnancy. The pain would go from moderate to severe depending on my position or the baby’s position.

Chiropractic took care of the problem. It wasn’t immediate but the improvement started right away.


Have a baby with Jaundice is not uncommon, but the body works hard to help correct itself. Sometimes newborns need just a little help to do so.

I had seen Dr. Thomas during my pregnancy to rid myself of a pain that went from my back down my leg. Soon after my baby was born I brought her in because she had JAUNDICE AND COLIC. Both of those symptoms went away after visits to Dr. Thomas.

I tell everyone, “Give it a try and allow some time for results.”


Parents with colicky babies often suffer stress and fatigue along with the baby. Our staff can help minimize the occurrences and help you both get more rest.

Breanna would continually cry for no apparent reason. She was yellow from the waist up. We heard from a Medical Doctor about two babies, one had jaundice and the other had colic, both were cleared from chiropractic treatment. After our baby, Breanna was born with these problems we decided to give chiropractic a try.

Breanna was only two days old when we took her to Dr. Thomas. Everyone thought she was cute and they fell in love with her. They look forward to seeing her when she comes in. The results of treatment were immediate. The jaundice cleared and the colic was relieved.

We would recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone that is sick or in pain. Breanna hasn’t told very many people about chiropractic because she is only five months old. But her mom, grandma, and grandpa all come to Dr. Thomas for treatments. They all have told people about how chiropractic treatments have helped them. It really works. Breanna is now a happy, healthy baby!!


Though it is considered normal for some reflux in infants, too many occurrences can be a sign of a deeper issue. This is where chiropractic care shines.

We first came to Willow Creek Chiropractic on the recommendation of my friend Cheryl. My baby Jared had reflux and colic. We tried everything from medications like Leusin and Tagament, starting cereal early, and changing formulas. I couldn’t see how a chiropractor was going to be able to do anything to help my baby.

The chiropractor adjusted his neck and back, and after the first adjustment the vomiting was cut back to a little spit up, the fussiness disappeared. I got my happy baby back. I tell everyone I talk to about my miracle.


The birthing process can be very traumatic for both mother and child. Our techniques will help you and your baby through the process in a healthy manner.

Apnea monitor from birth & Seizures for 7 years
Medical treatment
Drugs: (Keppra, Lamictal, Topamax, & Depakote)
9 hospital stays

Result from medical treatment:
Multiple side effects from drugs.
A 60% chance the drugs would kill him.
Diagnosed with Steven Johnson syndrome from drugs.
Still had seizures.
Cost of medical treatment over seven years w/ no success $237,000

Chiropractic treatment:
Result from Chiropractic
Seizures stopped after 2nd adjustment Seizure free for seven months
Cost of chiropractic treatment for seven months $715

Who do you know that we can help save a lot of pain, side effects and money?

When my daughter Madeline was born. She was born without the ability to properly digest food, and she was severely and chronically constipated. She had severe acid reflux as well.

Our pediatricians put her on large doses of multiple medications, and special predigested protein formula that was so expensive that it had security tags on it! We were spending hundreds of dollars each month on these treatments, which would have been fine if they had helped, but they didn’t!

By 6 months of age, Madeline was less than 5 pounds in weight and getting smaller and frailer by the day. She was so thin that her preemie (at 6 months old) diapers would fall off because she didn’t even have any bottom fat to make hips. The doctors were baffled.

We brought her to Dr. Thomas only twice and within less than 2 months, she was up to a healthy weight for her age, with no allergies, no reflux, and no constipation! She also went off of all her medications and special formula with no problem.

Chiropractic care saved my baby’s life. God bless you.

N. T.
My family has had great results with Dr. Thomas, but I wasn’t able to get pregnant. In fact I had not had a period for seven years, and had now been married for three years. Having a baby seemed impossible.

I came to Dr. Thomas very skeptical. All the doctors I had seen were unable to help me so how could a chiropractor? I asked him, “My mom thinks you are a miracle worker, but what are you going to do?” He educated me on how the body is supposed to work and the nerves control everything. He was going to look at the spine and see if there was a blockage or something interfering with the way things are supposed to work.

I trusted him enough to start getting adjusted. In three weeks I started my periods, and in two months I was pregnant. I would have never believed it had I not experienced it.

We brought her to Dr. Thomas only twice and within less than 2 months, she was up to a healthy weight for her age, with no allergies, no reflux, and no constipation! She also went off of all her medications and special formula with no problem.

Chiropractic care saved my baby’s life. God bless you.


Dr. Thomas has helped many children overcome their bedwetting issues, with some seeing marked improvement after just one visit.

My child is eight years old and he was wetting the bed every night. We were given medications, alarms to go off once he wet, and even antidepressants. And yes he got addicted to the anti-depressants.

I first came in to see Dr. Thomas because my child was having ear infections. And once he started to get adjusted his ear infections went away and so did the bed wetting. When he does not have an adjustment for a while, the bedwetting starts again.
Chiropractic has helped where nothing else would. I have told several people about our positive results.

Our son had been wetting the bed for nearly his entire life since being potty trained by the age of two and a half. By the time he was nearly eight years old we found out about Dr. Thomas. We brought him in skeptical of the supposed results, but after years of trying nearly everything else out there we decided to give it a go.

After the first visit I was amazed that he went nearly a week without an accident. Then, after subsequent visits, his bedwetting has almost completely vanished. After years of washing his sheets almost everyday this is a huge blessing to me and for him as well. Not having to suffer the ridicule of a bed wetter is a huge benefit. Dr. Thomas was certain he could help and he did.


Serious seizures can be problematic for many reasons, but for the health and well-being of a child they must be addressed. Let us help you find solutions.

My Husband Greg had scoliosis and headaches.
My mom had a Herniated Disc.
When my daughter Laramie would get mad or have pain she would go into a seizure and pass out. When I first brought her to Dr. Thomas she got mad at me because she wanted something and I wouldn’t give it to her. Her eyes rolled back went into a seizure and passed out in his reception area. I said don’t worry she does this all the time. Dr. Thomas said, “You know that is not normal?” I said yes but no one has ever been able to help stop it. But after her first adjustment she never did it again. In fact her finger got smashed in Dr. Thomas’ front door. Laramie started to cry in obvious pain and we all watched to see what was going to happen. NO SEIZURE, NO PASS OUT. Just a cry.

My whole family has seen wonderful improvement with all of their problems. tell everyone I talk to.


An ailment where chiropractic shines. Scoliosis, in simple terms, is irregular curvature of the spine. Regular chiropractic care can keep scoliosis in check.

I brought my three year old son into Willow Creek Chiropractic because he was complaining of his legs hurting. It was so bad it would wake him up in the middle of the night. He would be screaming and crying. I assumed it was growing pains.

After our initial visit I learned he had the start of scoliosis. The doctor had me bring him in to see if there was anything he could do to help him. He gave him his first adjustment and it was the first full night sleep we had in a long time. The doctors were really great with him. They talk to him so he isn’t scared. We still have an episode of him waking up every 2 weeks or so. We bring him in for another adjustment and he is good to go. It has definitely helped a lot. I have recommended this office to all my friends and family.

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