Pain Relief Treatments

The search for pain relief is what brings many people to a chiropractor. A holistic approach that treats the whole body as a single unit, chiropractic allows pain to be addressed without medication. Dr. Brian Thomas of Willow Creek Chiropractic in Sandy, Utah believes in getting to the root cause of pain, not just treating the pain. 

Imbalances in the spine are responsible for many symptoms that may seem unrelated. Part of the evaluation process with Dr. Thomas is to identify the imbalances. An individualized plan will be designed for you and used to help you to reach optimum health and a pain-free life. Different types of pain will require different additional treatments in addition to adjustments. 

Chiropractic adjustments

In order to remove the imbalances in the spine, spine adjustments are a primary treatment in chiropractic care. These imbalances are subluxations that need to be brought back into alignment. Over 100 adjustment techniques exist and all of them have the same goal, to get messages through from the brain unobstructed. Adjustments can also be done on the extremities to realign joints. 

Manual adjustments 

Manual adjustments are done by the chiropractor's hands. They can be gentle, or they can be vigorous, depending on you and your body. The idea is to get the vertebrae back into alignment so that neural messages flow freely. 

Drop table

A drop table is a specially designed segmented table that your chiropractor uses to apply a gentler form of adjustment. When pressure is applied to the joint, that segment of the table drops, which helps a light touch to get the required results. 


An activator is a handheld device that applies gentle movement to the affected vertebrae. It is so quick that the muscles don't have time to tense, which is a reason it is favored by chiropractors for pain relief.

Massage therapy

Therapeutic massage works very well with chiropractic treatment. It prepares the muscles with relaxation that allows other therapies to work more efficiently. 

Rehabilitation exercise

Exercises that are targeted at the specific area of pain help you to continue your therapy when you are at home. It often involves stretching. 

In addition to the vertebrae, the muscles are often involved in pain and your chiropractor has a full array of therapies that can help to heal muscles and reduce inflammation. Electrical stimulation therapy uses low levels of electric current to relax muscles. Therapeutic cold laser and ultrasound help to promote healing in soft tissue and reduce inflammation and pain.  

Contact Dr. Thomas of Willow Creek Chiropractic in Sandy, Utah when you are in need of pain relief. We are accepting new patients, and you can reach our office at 801-942-4999 to schedule an evaluation. 

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