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Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you have diabetes, Dr. Thomas has a roadmap to your healing. With proven methods and many success stories we have helped hundreds of patients like yourself find healing in a more consistent manner.


From palsy to fertility issues and thyroid to digestive diseases, chiropractic has a way to help the body heal itself and get you back on track.

My symptoms:

Blurred Vision
Loss of Energy
Back Pain
Difficulty Sleeping
Loss of Concentration
Hay Fever
I had been having many symptoms for years before seeing Dr. Thomas. The medical doctors had taken x-rays, cat scans, and had prescribed a variety of different medications, which I took, all of which had no effect.
Later, the M.Ds said that there was nothing wrong with me. But I still suffered.
Dr. Thomas found the cause of my suffering. He has helped me become pain free and has taught me how to take care of my body. Dr. Thomas is very conscientious, hardworking, caring and knows his field of practice. I have a lot of confidence in him.
I would recommend to others who are sick, suffering, or in pain to try chiropractic. I am glad that I gave it a chance because it WORKS!

Since the age of six, I have had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Now, I don’t mean Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like most people use the term, which is a subtle way of saying that they are “super clean”, but I was actually diagnosed with the disorder. Before I could even play with my friends I would have to make sure that the room was perfectly organized. I would switch the lights on and off three times before entering and exiting each room, and I washed my hands 27 times, three different times a day.
Needless to say… I had issues. Over the past few years, I have been able to calm the obsessiveness through a series of medications, but the immense amount of anxiety I experienced every single day still remained. When the doctors at Willow Creek Chiropractic first adjusted me, I was skeptical to say the least, and I only expected to receive relief type care. Little did I know that my asthma, anxiety, and severe menstrual cramps would soon be gone forever. I have since estimated that my anxiety medication (Citalopram 20mg tablets) was $30 a month for the 15 years, even with my insurance. I made at least 4 trips to the ER because I was having an anxiety attack. I left work 10 times to see they doctor (with a co-pay of $25 each visit). I paid for a $30 inhaler each month for the past 10 years, and had two different types of medication to help with my severe cramping, which equaled out to be $40 with my insurance, bi-monthly for the past 5 years.
In two weeks I am completely off all medications and feel better than I ever have. I am forever grateful to Willow Creek Chiropractic for changing my life, but I cannot help but think that if I had come in 15 years ago, I would have saved a total of $10,850! I am so thankful that I found Dr. Thomas. And it is because of this amazing doctor that I am no longer wasting money on medications that will never resolve the problem and I finally feel like a normal person with a normal, full life. Thank you so much.

My symptoms would go from mild to severe and the medical doctors wanted to hand out the pills to calm me down but they were unable to find anything physically wrong with me.
I have worked in a pharmacy for years and have found that chiropractic is better than all of the medications that people are on.
I have the doctors at Willow Creek Chiropractic to be super concerned, warm, honest and wanted the best for me. I have gone to Dr. Thomas for some time. He has helped me through pre-existing conditions and new ones very pleasingly. I also had my daughters checked and now they’re doing fine. Our family is free of medications and surgery. I recommend
I feel everyone should learn how to properly care for the body, naturally.

My name is Gary Wise. And this is my chiropractic story. I had a truck accident in which the truck rolled over the top of me. This broke many bones but it also broke my aorta, which causes you to bleed to death. Only 1% of the people make it to the hospital alive, and only 1% of those actually live. I am that 1% of the 1% that lived due to my size and expert medical treatment.
However, I was left completely blind in both eyes, had migraines, paralyzed from the waist down, and suffered with diarrhea for 6 years following my accident. I was told that my condition was permanent. I had married my caretaker and had never even seen her. Then one day I was told by one of my 6 medical doctors to try chiropractic for the diarrhea because the do things that work sometimes.
That’s when I found Dr. Brian Thomas. He described to me what he had seen on my x-rays and told me how the nerves were being choked off by bones out of place. He said he could help me with the diarrhea but “don’t be surprised if you get your eyesight back.” I said “WHAT?” He said he knew of 6 people who had received their eyesight after chiropractic adjustments. One of them was Dr. Gerald Clum who was the president of Life Chiropractic College who was blind until the age of 5, when his mother took him to a chiropractor. And he now has dedicated the rest of his life to helping other in the field.
Well, after my first adjustment my diarrhea stopped and migraines were gone.
After a month I started getting feelings in my bottom and legs.
After 2 months I jumped because a flash of light went into my left eye for a second.
2 weeks later by right eye had a flash.
At 6 months I caught eyes with my wife and saw here for the first time. We just held each other and cried.
It has been 2 years now and I am walking in my parallel bars and have continued to improve.
I went to each of my 6 medical doctors and they each evaluated me. Each one of them documented everything I have said, but shockingly each one of them said that chiropractors are quacks. And that it was just a miracle.
They took care of me for 6 years and then this miracle happens once the nerve pressure was released. It is a simple concept, yet they still don’t get it. I wonder how many people are still suffering because they were told by the medical doctor to never go to a chiropractor.
Dr. Thomas, would you make sure everyone you talk to knows my story?

My wife and I have a 15 year old son who said he could not tell when he needed to go to the bathroom. So wherever he was he would soil and wet his pants. We went to multiple doctors, and each one said that there was nothing wrong with him, and that it was all in his head.
So we went to a Psychologist. He said that it was in his head and that we needed to do things to him that would embarrass him so much that he would stop soiling his pants. So following the doctor’s orders we did the following:
Put a diaper on him and stood him out in the road for others to see.
Hose him down with cold water.
And humiliate him in front of others.
Nothing seemed to change, he just kept saying “I CANT FEEL IT!”
Then my wife and I attended Dr. Thomas’ class and learned that when there is pressure on a nerve then the body doesn’t work right. After the class I asked Dr. Thomas if there is any way that that is what is happening to our son. He said yes and to get him in right away. My wife and I just cried, thinking that if Dr. Thomas is right and all if the Medical Doctors were wrong, then we have destroyed our son’s self-confidence in a terrible way. What kind of parents were we?
After the first adjustment all of the bowel problems were gone. We were so happy for our son but were sick that we didn’t choose chiropractic first.

I had this pain that went from my back, down my leg all throughout my pregnancy. The pain would go from moderate to severe depending on my position or the baby’s position.
Chiropractic took care of the problem. It wasn’t immediate but the improvement started right away.
After my baby was born I brought her in because she had JAUNDICE AND COLIC. Both of those symptoms went away as well.
I tell everyone, “Give it a try and allow some time for results.”

I was having dizzy spells and ringing in my ears. I went to an EAR, NOSE AND THROAT SPECIALIST. I had CAT SCANS and was HOSPITALIZED, but they couldn’t do a thing to help me.
I first met Dr. Thomas at a fair and decided to give him a try. My first impression of his office was that it was extremely professional and pleasant. They seemed to know what they were doing.
I would recommend chiropractic treatment. It helped me. I AM CONVINCED!

My name is Cindy and have been plagued with this bowel disease for many years. It is where a person’s intestines become irritated and along with the pain, diarrehea and a million other problems that came with it, I was in terrible shape. I sought advice from the medical world and was told there was no cure but was told to take medicines to work with the symptoms. My brother is a medical doctor and he said the same thing. So I started to take the drugs.
Some of the drugs I had to take were to treat the side-effects of other drugs. I was taking from 31 bottles of pills each day.
Then one day my friend Nia told me about Willow Creek Chiropractic. I had nothing to lose and being unable to drive under the medications, Nia drove me to the office. Dr. Thomas explained that there was a blockage in my nerve system causing my immune system to malfunction. He said it was an autoimmune problem.
Within 3 weeks I was off all my medications except 5. My medical doctor said I was doing so well that I didn’t need the drugs anymore, but those 5 drugs would all cause seizures if I didn’t get off them slowly. Now I am off all the 31 drugs and here are about half of the bottles.
Dr. Thomas taught me to have faith in my own body’s healing ability instead of these man-made chemicals. It was scary at first to think I could get rid of the drugs, but wow what a new world.
Thank you, Dr. Thomas and Staff.

I was deaf in my left ear since I was 2 years old

When I was about 2 years old I had lost my hearing in my left ear. No one was able to tell me why I went deaf in that ear at 2 or what could be done about it. The ear, nose and throat doctors said I would just have to live with it. And so I did. I am now 27 years old and I still couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear.
I originally came to Willow Creek Chiropractic because I wanted to get pregnant. I had been married for 3 years and we wanted to have a baby. I was told that Willow Creek had amazing results with infertility. I had stopped have my cycles 7 years ago.
The doctors were really nice and seemed to care a lot. I started getting adjusted and within 2 weeks my cycles started again. And 3 months later I found out that I was pregnant after his 3rd adjustment I could hear perfectly clear out of my left ear.
He explained how he had found the nerve interference that was causing the problem.
My mom and sisters have all had great results with their problems too.
I’m sold.

After 4 visits my blood pressure was normal. I think chiropractic is the greatest and I tell everyone about it.

N. T.
I couldn’t get PREGNANT.

My family has had great results with Dr. Thomas, but I wasn’t able to get pregnant. In fact I had not had a period for 7 years, and had now been married for 3 years. Having a baby seemed impossible.
I came to Dr. Thomas very skeptical. All the doctors I had seen were unable to help me so how could a chiropractor? I asked him, “My mom thinks you are a miracle worker, but what are you going to do?” He educated me on how the body is supposed to work and the nerves control everything. He was going to look at the spine and see if there was a blockage or something interfering with the way things are supposed to work.
I trusted him enough to start getting adjusted. In 3 weeks I started my periods, and in 2 months I was pregnant. I would have never believed it had I not experienced it.

8 months pregnant and my baby was breach. Got an adjustment and a couple days later felt like something was going on….labor maybe. Went into my doctor’s appointment and it was just my baby turning the right way, face down.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started T4 replacement (Levothyroxine). Following a car accident I started seeing Dr. Thomas to get my spine adjusted. After my first adjustment, I felt like I now had HYPERTHYROIDISM, instead of hypothyroidism. I decided to stop the levothyroxine the next day. I have been back for spinal adjustments 3 times a week until now.
I had my blood work for T4, T3 and TSH recently, and the result came back as normal. All three hormones are in the middle of their corresponding normal range and this surprised my physician. He wasn’t happy that I was off my medication. I am so happy it looks like Dr. Thomas cured my thyroid problem as a good side effect. Thanks a lot!

I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It took a while for the medical doctors to figure out what it was, because I didn’t match the usual profile for someone with this condition.
Dr. Thomas recognized I had a problem and while I have been coming in, I’ve noticed headaches going away and little pains disappearing. As I was dealing with symptoms of hypothyroidism, the doctors here have consistently helped get rid of pain that may have been related and treated me for my condition.
?The good news is my medication has consistently been reduced the last few months. I have continuous hope that one day I may no longer need it. They have me on a pretty low dosage now, so it is looking good. I continue to see the chiropractor, Dr. Thomas as essential to my health care, and I feel that he has helped me in my recovery and will continue to.

I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy about 9 months ago. I had a complete lack of muscle control on the right side of my face. My jaw was dislocated because there was no muscle tone to hold it in place. It’s a lot like a stroke. My right eye lid would not blink, my smile was only on the left side, it was like ½ of my face was dead.
I had 2 visits to the EMERGENCY ROOM and 1 visit to the NEUROLOGIST. Each said don’t worry, that I would be fine and they had no known treatment.
My adjustments continued to relieve the nerve pressure until my face was back all the way. It took about 3 months. It was awesome when I could blink again and both sides of my mouth could smile.
I recommend everyone should check out all their options before doing drugs and surgery. Get your own firsthand experience with chiropractic – it works.

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